My Grandpa, the late Ken Duncan, was a massive liberal and avid poet. From 2002 to 2009 he consistently wrote 4 – 7 poems a week about the Bush presidency and more generally about politics. He started a blog called Politry, a term he coined for the intersection of politics and poetry, where he could post poems daily rather than save them for a yearly printing or for sharing at his weekly poetry coffee chats. After rereading his 2005 edition, A Bad Year Made Verse (I guess excessive pun usage runs in the family), it got me thinking how poetry at least in some forms was the original tweet, and how far ahead of his time Grandpa Ken was. In his honor and as a great excuse to use this platform I’ve decided to continue his legacy and attempt at writing some politry. For my first post I’ll include one of my favorites by Grandpa Ken, one that is still relevant today. In the 24-hour news cycle with facts from the White House shifting from speaker to speaker it is especially important to question how important really is knowing something 6 hours earlier.

Press Freedom or Conservation?

July 11

The North Koreans agreed to
return to talks again, but this
time they set a date. The Chinese
say everyone agreed, but Rice’s
okay was confirmed anonymously.

She won’t announce until tomorrow,
but the New York Times needed to
promise confidentiality so we could
known today about an often delayed
meeting scheduled later this month.

The press wants to protect sources,
but they should have to exercise
care in selecting them. If we didn’t
get so many meaningless stories to
read we would save time and trees